Justin Aldred for Boone
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Priorities and Values


Healthcare is a human right. At the local level, the County Commission should do more to increase access to affordable health insurance, rein in out of control healthcare costs, and work to make sure Boone County Hospital stays strong. The hospital is a key player in the local economy and a big employer for Boone County residents. I will work relentlessly to make sure the hospital stays afloat.


Modern infrastructure—environmentally sustainable, union-built, and fit for the future—should be a major priority of the Boone County Commission. Public Service that benefits people should be the basic foundation of Boone County’s infrastructure; citizens should be able to rely on local leaders for basic police, fire and health services in addition to well-maintained roads, sewers, and public property. This is the government in its most basic form. The people should not have to ask for these services to be done right but instead should expect them as a given from a good and decent government.

Local Control

County residents should be able to control how they would like their land to be governed. The people of Boone County have seen the state legislature repeatedly erode rights that they voted for, including local control over the expansion of confined animal feeding operations (CAFOs). Voters deserve a champion in the County Commission who will fight for their interests when they are directly threatened by self-serving politicians.

Environment & Climate Change

Climate change is an existential threat to our way of life, to the ecosystem, and to the food system that we depend on not only for nutrition but for our local agricultural economy. Boone County simply cannot wait for others to take the lead. Counties across the nation have taken bold, concrete steps to reduce carbon emissions and invest in renewable energy. The Boone County Commission should invest in solar production; increase its commitment to using renewable energy resources (the Renewable Energy Standard); ensure public facilities are more energy efficient; and allocate funding to recycling and composting programs, and to educating the public about ways to reduce one’s individual carbon footprint. I will work to make Boone County a state and national leader in addressing the ravages of climate change if elected. 

Boone County is home to some of the most beautiful natural scenes in the entire state of Missouri, including our public hiking trails and our rivers and streams. I will work hard to make sure these spaces stay clean and enjoyable now and for future generations of Missourians. 

Medicaid Expansion

Expanding Medicaid is one of the best things we can do to stop the closing of our rural hospitals and to help keep Boone County Hospital strong, increase access to healthcare for thousands of Missourians, and improve public health all at the same time. I strongly support the petition to put Medicaid expansion on the 2020 ballot and allow voters to have their voices heard on this issue. My campaign will be working to help promote awareness of the petition and to make sure the issue is passed once it is finally on the ballot. Missourians deserve access to healthcare regardless of their socioeconomic status.

Economy & Jobs

In the state auditor’s office, I got a close look at how finance works in County Government. If you work here, or live here, or buy groceries or gas here, you’ve seen the amount of money you pay go up. This is wrong. A strong economy is one that invests in people—people who work for a living, small businesses and small business owners, and everyone who makes Boone County a great place to live and work.

Right now, workers in Boone County (as in many parts of the state) have seen their wages stay flat while the cost of living has risen higher and higher. Wages must keep pace with the rising cost of living. Most importantly, we need to invest in a robust local economy that allows people who work for a living to afford rent, or buy a house, and enjoy all that our County has to offer. Only then will we truly stimulate the economy and support well-paid jobs that allow everyone to thrive now and in the future.